[sf-lug] Android / T-Mobile G1

Ted Nebus x351912 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 07:46:41 PST 2008

I checked out the G1 Phone (until they gently nudged me out of the
store). I do want one! It was very intuitive (to me) the web was fast
enough (of course I was in Oakland City Center). I could not find any
"developers tools" or command line, but they may have had that
disabled on the floor model.

Sorry I can't give you a more technical perspective, but it looked
like a really rad tool.


Hello Lug,

I was wondering if anyone has the new G1 phone. I recently picked one up and
was amazed. The phone is feature rich and is very fast. There are many
useful applications such as a Netflix queue manager, Google Street View,
messengers, and much more. I think that this phone will blow the iPhone
away. It will be wonderful to see what Android will evolve into in the

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