[sf-lug] Android / T-Mobile G1

Nathan Hoover nathan at foo-o-rama.com
Tue Dec 2 06:57:39 PST 2008

For all the Linux and google related hoopla surrounding the G1, how  
open is it really? Can you build and install your own apps? Tweak the  
OS? (I'm not asking rhetorically, I want to know)


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> Hello Lug,
> I was wondering if anyone has the new G1 phone. I recently picked  
> one up and was amazed. The phone is feature rich and is very fast.  
> There are many useful applications such as a Netflix queue manager,  
> Google Street View, messengers, and much more. I think that this  
> phone will blow the iPhone away. It will be wonderful to see what  
> Android will evolve into in the future.
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> "If you don't take one step forward, you will always be one step  
> behind"
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