[sf-lug] replacing panel back to top of screen, Ubuntu 8.041

Mikki McGee mikkimc at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 19 09:50:53 PST 2008

Charles-Henri Gros wrote:
> Mikki McGee wrote:
>> Hello;
>>     Suddenly, the panel went scooting from the top of the screen on 
>> Ubuntu 8.041, found the right side of the screen, and stuck there like a 
>> fly on flypaper.  I have searched the help topics, and found them useless.
>>     The help topic for moving the panel says to just drag the thing.  I 
>> have tried that with left click-drag, right click and drag, and both 
>> buttons click and drag. 
>>     Can someone tell me where to find the way to unlock the position of 
>> a stuck panel, move the panel back to the correct spot, and then lock it 
>> there?????????
> If you right-click and go on "properties", you should have an
> "orientation" box, set it to "top"
Gracias, amigo!!!

    It was hard to find a place on the panel, suddenly crowded in that 
compressed form, where I could properly do a right click.  I deleted the 
panel button for Firebird - I mean Firefox, to find room.  I guess I 
will use the machine-hardware-internet button  henceforth. 

    Now, is there a way to lock the thing there, and later to unlock it 
if needed?  I prefer to keep the taxonomy of the Animal and Vegetable 
and Fungal kingdoms in my head, rather than the greater myriad of 
compu-jargon and complexity.  That is what notebooks are for? 

Bless All


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