[sf-lug] Help! Ubuntu Won't Boot

Gloria Bromberg muymuy1109 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 08:10:44 PST 2008

Greetings LInux Mafiosi, 

I recently bought a used Acer Aspire One w/ Ubuntu 8.04 loaded by the seller.  Worked fine for a couple of weeks.  Then Ubuntu sudddenly won't boot.  I get the color Ubuntu screen, and it looks like it's beginning to load; then the screen suddenly goes B/W and I get stuff that ends with "klog:klog".

I've already tried what I can: got to what looks like a recovery screen, tried to reboot.  No go.

I'm not a geek, thus cannot effectively troubleshoot this problem further.   I need a human to either walk me through fixing this or to fix it for me, or re-install Unbuntu. (for which I'm happy to compensate).  

Any volunteers?



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