[sf-lug] Fwd: You source audio stream from BALUG tonight? OpenMoko

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Nov 18 15:54:20 PST 2008

Hi SFLUGers - I'm forwarding this message to you with the thought that:
1) I've seen much more openmoko talk on this list than on BALUG, &
2) Perhaps you here on this list interested in that topic didn't see
this opportunity on the BALUG list.

So, if you'd enjoy sourcing an audio stream from BALUG, email me & we'll
see if we can get this going.  :)

Would you enjoy sourcing an audio stream from the BALUG meeting tonight?

Today's speaker topic is about an audio communication device. 
Telecommuting is an increasing trend in our world, saving energy, money
& time.

Maybe you, like me, think it would be great if people could telecommute
to Linux related meetings -  could hear the meeting remotely.  Perhaps
you'd enjoy being a leader, at the leading edge of this technology.

I'd like to hear the talk from this meeting, remotely.

If you're interested, & you have the proper technology, you could source
an audio stream from the meeting to me.

IIRC, this will then be the first BALUG meeting to be audio streamed.

Keeping in mind the principle of "keeping it simple" when starting out,
I think the simplest way to accomplish this would be with merely a cell
phone.  You call my phone from your phone at the meeting, placing your
phone where it can legibly detect the speakers voice - perhaps in front
of a loudspeaker.

(Of course, it might be possible to do internet audio streaming, but
that is more work, & I think there isn't WiFi at 4 Seas.  Ham radio
operators might think of other possible alternatives.  :)  )

You'd probably want to have a cell phone service with free minutes after
the talk start time - maybe 8 PM?  Unless you've got lots of regular
minutes unused.

You'd probably want to bring a cell phone charger, & an extension cord,
perhaps 15-20 feet, just in case.

Maybe you could use a Neo phone to do the audio stream source!  :)

If this sounds interesting to you, email me today with your phone # &
I'll call you, or I can send you my #.  We can speak beforehand, to
discuss & arrange any details.

I look forward to hearing from you.  :)


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