[sf-lug] i'm curious about gogrid

jim jim at well.com
Tue Nov 4 11:35:27 PST 2008

   servepath, aka coloserve, is the colo facility 
in which we've got the machine that hosts the 
sf-lug and the balug web servers. 

   servepath has a product called go grid 
... http://blog.gogrid.com/ ... 
that presents a scalable virtual server for a 
starting price of $0.19 per hour, which works 
out to about $140 per month for paying customers 
using the minimum end of scale. 

   as i understand things, one gets a linux host 
on which one can install app software and manage 
just as a physical machine with the os provided. 
once started, the clock ticks: there's no 
bringing it down for some time off-line at no 
   the big advantages, as i see them, are freedom 
from hardware maintenance and quick restoration 
of working platform images in the event of bug 
discovery or malicious attacks or whatever. also, 
within paid-for scale, i'm guessing the virtual 
host is essentially within a cluster. 
   i'm curious as to whether one can scale up and 
down as needed on an hour-by hour (or minute by 
minute) basis. 
   i'm also curious as to what any of us have to 
say about this product. 

   they have a promo that let's people play with 
it for $100 worth of time (about three weeks). 
   we can sign up for a free $100 trial    
with the promocode GGCD. 

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