[sf-lug] OT: quick and dirty interactive electoral vote calculator

Matt Price matt.price at utoronto.ca
Sat Nov 1 11:06:40 PDT 2008

hi sf-lugers,

greetings from canada!

hope it's ok to ask a quick non-linux question.  I'm just making a quick
US election spreadsheet, with rows for the various states.  I intended
to have a radio button for each row, with the possible values "Obama",
"McCain", amd "Undecided"; depending on the value, the electoral votes
for that state would be added to the electoral college total for Obama,
McCain, or neither.  As far as i can see there's no simple way to do
this in Openoffice.  

How would other people solve this problem, either in openoffice or using
some other tool?  It seems like a very simple problem, but I don't want to
have to build a whole new interface from scratch just to make it work.
And while there are lots of online calculators, i expect firefox to
crash multiple times on election night and i don't want to keep losing
my predictions.  Anyone have any suggestions?



Matt Price
matt.price at utoronto.ca

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