[sf-lug] observations of spam

Jim Cortez jim at jimcortez.com
Mon Oct 27 14:57:02 PDT 2008

Spamassassin recognizes forward and past email timestamps. You could set up a 
rule to auto-filter these out if you use it.

As a side note, I use bogofilter, which was written in C and based upon Paul 
Graham's Spam research (http://www.paulgraham.com/antispam.html). When 
trained on personal spam and ham messages (about 3000 messages), I rarely get 
spam in my inbox and no false positives.

On Monday 27 October 2008 9:58:17 am jim wrote:
>    wrt spam timestamps, i've notice two things recently
> (last 12 or 18 months):
> * spam tends to come in clumps
> * some spam timestamps claim the years 2000 or 1969
> or some very early such.
>    anybody got comments?
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