[sf-lug] Has Linux outgrown Unix?

Bobbie Sellers bliss at california.com
Wed Oct 15 15:24:23 PDT 2008

Jeffrey Malone wrote:
> The term UNIX as used today describes a type of OS more than an OS
> unto itself, so the comparison is .. well, unusual, and may be wholly
> invalid.  The "current" release of UNIX is something like 15 years
> old.
> The truest form of UNIX that still has any real market share today is
> Solaris, but it, like Linux, is a derivative of UNIX (albeit, a much
> more UNIX-like derivative). (HP-UX and AIX fans can feel free to argue
> otherwise)
> Measuring how much "stronger" or versatile Linux is to UNIX is a joke.
>  UNIX was a very expensive OS in its day, and primarily ran on
> restrictive hardware platforms.  Companies developed their own
> versions of it to sell with their hardware, not to market as a product
> itself.
> Anyway, your instructor is "correct", but comparing the two is ...
> well, strange.
> Jeffrey

	I dunno there is currently a magazine on sale at Borders devoted to 
Unix and apparently aimed at people who like such
OSes.  I have enough to learn about Linux so i wasn't interested
in the Unix magazine with the BSD boot disk.

> On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 1:50 PM,  <mendozae at sonoma.edu> wrote:
>> A computer science instructor at SSU told me the Linux has become so
>> strong and versatile that it has outgrown its parent OS, Unix.
>> Is there anyone here who concurs or is this assertion laughable?
>> Thanks,
>> Edward

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