[sf-lug] OpenMoko - meeting time and focus signup - part2

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Mon Oct 6 10:57:11 PDT 2008

[Response about the OpenMoko mailing list and joining BerkeleyTIP  

Hi OpenMoko fans -

Please note that the SF-LUG list *is* the main place where the SF  
OpenMoko community discusses projects and meetings - until we get  
larger / "noisier" and require our own email list.

We only have 4 people who have given feedback to the online poll about  
meeting OpenMoko code sprint meeting times and focus.  I will close  
this poll and make an announcement by Wednesday, so please, if you are  
interested in these meetings, please vote.

	This is a basic poll to determine which week night works best for  

	This is a poll to find out what kinds of work people want to focus on.

Also, previously john_re wrote:

> 3) I think your group would best help itself if it had a meeting time
> during the global free software monthly meeting BerkeleyTIP-Global.

I think it makes sense to have OpenMoko representation at the  
BerkeleyTIP.  However, speaking personally, 1) I can't drive that  
effort because I've got too much else going on, 2) I think it makes  
sense to continue having a separate space dedicated to OpenMoko  
development (in parallel).  Just because I can't carry the torch of  
OpenMoko to the TIP meetings does not mean others can't....

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