[sf-lug] thx to those who showed up at today's St. Anthony tech event

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 23:05:44 PDT 2008

...especially in light of the fact that today was a CABAL day.  I know that
Rick Moen puts on a really incredible spread for CABAL, and so the fact that
people came to this event in SF on a CABAL day is awesome.  Although, since
CABAL didn't really start until the St. Anthony demo - installfest was over,
there would have been no loss in attending both events.  Still, thx for

Today's St. Anthony tech fair went reasonably well.  St. Anthony does have a
Windows lab, and so most people were using the Windows lab.  But we did demo
Linux to lots of people, and we got them to sign up for Linux computers from
ACCRC.org.  We also installed GNU-Linux on several machines.

Perhaps the biggest win of all today was that St. Anthony has agreed to
store the Linux computers there on site, so that we don't have to drag those
machines back and forth from the school to St. Anthony for each St.
Anthony's event now.  And it gets better.  The lead organizer at St. Anthony
is considering placing some Linux machines there at St. Anthony for users to
explore; _and_ is becoming more interested in hosting a regular Linux event
there on at least a monthly basis.

St. Anthony is a very visible charity in SF, and so success there could be a
tipping point that could spill out into the broader community.  At least
that is my hope.

So thx again to all who participated today!  I hope you found it productive
and had fun!

c u

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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