[sf-lug] Next Openmoko meeting: Tuesday?

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 18:09:17 PDT 2008

--- On Mon, 9/15/08, Jeffrey Malone <ieatlint at tehinterweb.com> wrote:

> Openmoko is a company which made the Neo 1973 and makes the
> Neo
> Freerunner (the successor to the 1973).  As software
> written for one
> phone is in theory compatible on both (with some exceptions
> based on
> hardware changes/additions [eg, 1973 had no
> accelerometers]), the name
> openmoko is sometimes used to encompass both... even though
> it would
> probably make more sense to just say "neo" in
> retrospect.  Anyway, in
> the context proposed, it's referring to both phones,
> but with the FR
> more specifically in mind.
> The phone is GSM, and works with ATT and T-Mobile (and not
> Verizon or Sprint).
> The price is $400, and it should be posted such on
> openmoko.com
> (openmoko.org being the community base, namely a wiki).
> The programming ideas are indeed targeted for the phone,
> but they are
> not necessarily exclusive to it.  Certain things may
> utilise hardware
> not commonly found on many computers (eg, accelerometers),
> or be
> specific to the UI that most openmoko software images use
> (illume,
> which is part of enlightenment, but is not
> openmoko-specific).
> An advantage of openmoko being that it runs Linux, and such
> most
> applications can be tested on a computer (without even
> owning the
> phone)...
> So the answer to your question of where the programs would
> be
> implemented, the answer is yes, to both.  For the openmoko,
> but with
> compatibility in general really -- there are no
> "custom" openmoko
> libraries.
> Novice programmers are indeed welcome, and I can guarantee
> you that
> anyone present who is able to help with any questions or
> problems
> would enjoy assisting.
> You'd also needn't fear at asking stupid questions,
> as I know I
> constantly do so myself :)
> If you're interested in meeting some interesting people
> and learning a
> bit more about programming or OSS development, I would
> encourage you
> to come... just try not to be disappointed in our apparent
> lack of
> organisation :)

Jeffrey, thanks for the helpful  info; Doubt that I'd be able to contribute  much but the idea of rubbing shoulders with people who understand the underbelly of linux/unix is very appealing. 
Thanks for your reply especially because I'm unable to get to todays LUG meeting where I thought I could find out.

Remind me again please of when/where and under who's auspices this project it to materialize?



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