[sf-lug] Next Openmoko meeting: Tuesday?

Jeffrey Malone ieatlint at tehinterweb.com
Mon Sep 15 04:05:23 PDT 2008

If this somehow dupes, sorry -- my dns host has been having some
issues apparently.

Openmoko is a company which made the Neo 1973 and makes the Neo
Freerunner (the successor to the 1973).  As software written for one
phone is in theory compatible on both (with some exceptions based on
hardware changes/additions [eg, 1973 had no accelerometers]), the name
openmoko is sometimes used to encompass both... even though it would
probably make more sense to just say "neo" in retrospect.  Anyway, in
the context proposed, it's referring to both phones, but with the FR
more specifically in mind.

The phone is GSM, and works with ATT and T-Mobile (and not Verizon or Sprint).
The price is $400, and it should be posted such on openmoko.com
(openmoko.org being the community base, namely a wiki).

The programming ideas are indeed targeted for the phone, but they are
not necessarily exclusive to it.  Certain things may utilise hardware
not commonly found on many computers (eg, accelerometers), or be
specific to the UI that most openmoko software images use (illume,
which is part of enlightenment, but is not openmoko-specific).
An advantage of openmoko being that it runs Linux, and such most
applications can be tested on a computer (without even owning the

So the answer to your question of where the programs would be
implemented, the answer is yes, to both.  For the openmoko, but with
compatibility in general really -- there are no "custom" openmoko
Novice programmers are indeed welcome, and I can guarantee you that
anyone present who is able to help with any questions or problems
would enjoy assisting.
You'd also needn't fear at asking stupid questions, as I know I
constantly do so myself :)

If you're interested in meeting some interesting people and learning a
bit more about programming or OSS development, I would encourage you
to come... just try not to be disappointed in our apparent lack of
organisation :)

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 11:35 AM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> project, some of us code, some of us write documentation,
>> some of us test.
>> How does everyone feel about that?
>> I'd be particularly interested in hearing from the
>> newbies who might
>> otherwise sit quietly in the back and wait for other people
>> to say wise
>> things. Come on! Newbies are also wise!
> This "newbie" needs a bit of clarification.
> Are you proposing writing programs to be implemented on Openmoko?
> ..or programming in general.
> And if the former:
> What is Openmoko? ..is it another way of referring to the neo phone?
> Does the neo phone work with ATT or Verizon?
> What sort of a price tag does it carry?
> The web site looks pretty flashy but doesn't really help to elucidate
> such questions.
> I'm hoping to get to Monday's meeting and perhaps find out then.
> alex
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