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Jeff Bragg jackofnotrades at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 18:42:50 PDT 2008

2008/9/3 Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com>

> IMHO, we need to think about what we as a group stand for.  Are we
> 1) a social club?
> 2) installfest hosts?
> 3) tech support for newbies?
> And the other question is
> 1) do we want to grow and expand as a group?
> 2) or are we happy staying as a smaller social club for a few people to
> hang out and chat at cafes?
> I personally am in favor of expanding SF-LUG beyond the social club that we
> have been so far.  We do have a few newbies drop in here and there, but now
> with St. Anthony we have the opportunity to do much more.  We have a chance
> to integrate ourselves and Linux into one of the most well-funded, well-run
> charities in San Francisco.  I think that is a tremendous opportunity for
> us.

Since this question has been raised...

My personal interest in SF-LUG is primarily as a social group.  That's not
to say I have anything against outreach endeavors, tech support, etc (as
some of you know, I have participated in such things through SF-LUG in the
past), nor against trying out other venues (particularly if it's done
through additional meetings, rather than moving existing slots), I just
don't have much extra time/energy to devote to it myself.

I think it's entirely possible for the group to be multivalent, as long as
people remain free to choose to be involved/dis-involved in activities
without fear of admonishment, reproach, or alienation.

My $0.03.  YMMV.
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