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Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Wed Sep 3 01:44:19 PDT 2008

I'll certainly sign up for Asheesh's deb tutorial.  Adding a third 
meeting time to SF-LUG's monthly calendar?  Er, ok.  For me, that seems 
a bit excessive -- especially under the current "free form"  structure 
of the gatherings and their average attendance.  If one were to be 
designated a lab/tutorial/installfest & troubleshoot time, that'd be a 
little more compelling.

You asked for $.02 worth right?

In terms of locations -- well, I don't know any of the places named thus 
far particularly well.  I appreciate and agree with the MUNI 
constraint.  Just for fun, I'll add two more cafes to the list:

Kaleo, in the Inner Sunset.  Pretty limited hours a couple blocks from a 
web of MUNI stops.  

The Grind, in the Lower Haight.  

Though unspecified as a constraint, my preference would be spaces open 
to the public that do not require special/additional coordination(with a 
keymaster).  Unless of course, the group did decide to specify this new 
time as being much more structured -- something it seemed the folks at 
SFSU(for example) required in order to make their facilities(which are 
more conducive to presentations) available. 

No vote on potential new timing.  Though I'm aware that weekday evenings 
pretty much rule out the above Kaleo suggestion.


jim wrote:
>    the hard constraint of sunday noonish 
> or monday early evening seems unnecessary: 
> if we pick a different day and time, we 
> won't have to worry that someone would 
> show up at javacat while we're elsewhere. 
> i like the idea of a third time and 
> different location. can we try various 
> third times and different locations until 
> we discover what works best? 
>    your #1 is not as close to Muni as #2 
> and about the same distance from BART as 
> #3, seems to me. parking is often easy 
> for #1, which matters to me (and some 
> others, i think). it seems noisy and has 
> a similar table setup as javacat. 
>    never been to #2 or #3. 
> On Mon, 2008-09-01 at 16:44 -0700, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
>> What would people think of us looking at other locations?
>> I've been looking on Yelp, and the constraints as I see are as follows:
>> * Hard constraint: Open during SF-LUG meetings on Mondays and Sundays
>>   (This is harder than you might think.)
>> * Has free wifi.
>> * Would be able to seat a bunch of people.
>> Soft constraint:
>> * Should be close to public transit
>> * Has better food and better seating than the Javacat.
>> * Can retain SF-LUG's "neighborhood" feel as compared to BALUG's grittier 
>> downtown feel (I'm joking! (oar am I? (or am I?)))
>> In some ways, I"d prefer to keep it close to SF-LUG's current location, 
>> but in some ways that location is pretty inconvenient for me and a few 
>> other people.  We can maybe do a poll later to consider that question. 
>> Until then, I make three suggestions for discussion's sake:
>> 1. Brain Wash (SOMA)
>> * Location: 7th St & Folsom St, near Civic Center MUNI + BART
>> * Some of us went there recently.
>> * http://www.yelp.com/biz/brainwash-cafe-and-laundromat-san-francisco
>> 2. H Cafe (Castro)
>> * Location: 17th St & Sanchez St (near Castro MUNI)
>> * http://hcafesf.com/community.html has nice-looking pictures
>> 3. Cafe La Taza (Mission)
>> * Location: Mission St between 20th & 21st, close (ish?) to 24th St BART
>> * Delicious food
>> * http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-la-taza-san-francisco-2
>> I didn't look at places in very many neighborhoods due to my BART/MUNI 
>> obsession.  There are many, many places that don't meet the first hard 
>> constraint.
>> Of these, I prefer #1's transit accessibility.  I never actually sat down 
>> there, though.  What do others think?
>> -- Asheesh.
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