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I'm looking for help in publicizing this among students who might be
involved in the San Francisco LUG. 

Joe Smith (of Chapman College in Orange) and I (of Cabrillo College in
Aptos) are in the process of forming a coalition of college LUGs
throughout California. This coalition is open to LUGs at community
colleges, CSU/UC campuses, and private colleges in the state (and there
is discussion about involving non-campus LUGs in the future as well).

Among other things, this coalition

-- Aims to coordinate activities between college LUGs in California;

-- Plans to share resources (both physical and mental) between college
LUGs in the state to promote the common establishment and use of
Free/Open Source Software on campus

-- Plans to focus efforts within the LUGs to help not only the the
colleges but also their surrounding communities in promoting the use
of Free/Open Source Software;

-- Assists other campuses in California which do not yet have a Linux
Users Group on campus; and

-- Coordinates activities between FOSS developers and programs and
college LUGs around releases of updates and/or new programs.

So far we have interest from Chapman, Cabrillo, and Chico State.

If anyone in the SF-LUG group is a college student who might want to 
participate in this coalition, please get in touch with Joe or me.


Larry Cafiero <larry.cafiero at gmail.com>

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