[sf-lug] Teaching middle school students to love FOSS technology

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 12:26:36 PDT 2008


Someone emailed me privately with a few questions:

"how many kids are we talking? what sort of applications? etc."

Re the number of kids:  Answer -- unknown.  The kids get to sign up for
class.  They can chose from a number of classes.  So you could get as few as
3 or as many as 30 kids.

Re applications: that depends on you.  Akkana Peck, the author of a popular
GIMP book, taught GIMP usage last year.  You get to choose the subject and
the FOSS apps.  We are using Xubuntu on P4s.  We also have two media-ready
dual core boxes with 2 GB of RAM that we could use for video editing.
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