[sf-lug] Have your mtg simultaneous with BerkTIPGlobal - 1st Sat each month- was:Re: volunteers needed for St. Anthony's installfest

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Aug 26 23:19:22 PDT 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 11:40:09 -0700, "Christian Einfeldt"
<einfeldt at gmail.com> said:
> St. Anthony's is also offering to give us free space once per month for
> meetings!  We have been talking for some time about having another
> meeting
> per month at a new location, potentially downtown, to support non-profits
> which are interested in exploring a migration to Linux.  This event on
> September 27 would be a great opportunity to start a long-term
> relationship
> with one of the most well-funded, well-run charities in San Francisco! 
> They
> have recently purchased a brand new building, so it will be very fresh
> and
> clean and new.

In your consideration of having a monthly meeting there, you might want
to consider having it simultaneous with the BerkeleyTIPGlobal event, 1st
Saturday of each month, 10A-6P Pacific Time.  You may have it only a
fraction of the full hours, or the entirety - your meetinhg, it's up to

The benefit to the attendees at your meetting would be they will have
access to a large educational content (the recorded talks that other
attendees will be watching simultaneously).  Plus the community aspect
in making contact with others throughout the world. (Installfest,
potluck, programming party).

Even though I know your having a simultaneous meeting so physically
close to Berkeley would draw some attendees away from the Berkeley site
evetn, making the Berkeley site event less well attendeed (bad for me &
the other Berkeley site attendees), it would increase the overall
attendance of the Global event, which is good for GNU(Linux)/BSD/FreeSW
community overall, (which I think is good).

Overall, having a meeting simultaneously with BerkTIPGlobal would be a a
good plus for your attendees & also the global community.

Best wishes.

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