[sf-lug] perl backup script, and other perl goodies

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 18 23:20:54 PDT 2008

One of the discussions that came up at the SF-LUG meeting this evening
was backups, ... including a perl backup script I'd written a while

Anyway, put up a web page of that and some other perl stuff I'd written
a fair while ago, ... my "most current" versions of those programs may
have evolved a bit more since then, ... but probably aren't all that

Anyway, some of the perl programs I wrote were written for
semi-customized usage, ... but others are likely sufficiently general
enough or otherwise generally useful, that the may have other practical
applications (as-is, or with some modifications).

So, ... keeping those points in mind, ... without further ado, they can
be found here:

The above examples were also implemented in perl, as it was a
sufficiently high level language, yet with sufficiently easy and
powerful reaches as and where needed into the lower level details (e.g.
most of the functionality of most system calls, without the programming
tedium and hazards of implementing such in C), that the tasks wouldn't
be a good fit for C or shell (+ standard Linux/Unix tools) (or even a
modest mixing of C and shell (+ standard Linux/Unix tools)) ... so they
were good fits for perl ... and also real world practical exercises for
me to work on exercising and putting my perl skills to quite practical

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