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jim jim at well.com
Mon Aug 18 15:50:24 PDT 2008

maybe we could somehow collectively agree 
on one or less persons in our group to 
review the Apress book belwo, or maybe a 
committee that shares one copy for sf-lug. 
   anyone interested? 

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Subject: Apress Seeks Reviewers!
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:43:42 -0700

Apress Seeks Reviewers!

Apress is actively seeking fresh voices to write about our books. 
As a publisher, we rely on independent writers and reviewers to speak 
forcefully and honestly about our products to the larger technology
book-buying community.

Would you like to review the following title immediately? We have 
25 copies of the book below, so only the first 25 people that respond 
requesting to review the book will be eligible. 



"On the Way to the Web: The Secret History of the Internet and Its

by Michael A. Banks | ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-0869-3 | Published Jul 2008 |



Please take a moment to read the review-writing guidelines we've 
posted: http://apress.com/community/writeareview. In general, we 
like to see reviews posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Slashdot, 
and/or Bookpool--to name a few places.

We also prefer a 2-3 week turnaround for reviews, so please let me 
know if you need more time. 

Please reply to me at cheryl.martinez at apress.com, if you or another 
group member would be interested in posting a prompt, thorough review 
this book. Again, we have 25 copies of the book above, so only the first 
25 people that respond requesting to review the book will be eligible to
receive a copy.

*****Please remember to include the NAME OF YOUR USER GROUP and your 
preferred DELIVERY ADDRESS if different from your group's registered
shipping address.*****

Thank you in advance!


cheryl martinez | marketing supervisor | cheryl.martinez at apress.com |
510.549.5930 ext 129 
| 510.549.5939 fax | 2855 telegraph avenue, suite 600, berkeley, ca. 94705
| apress.com




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