[sf-lug] Is the Farallon EtherMac PC Card GNU/Linux compatible?

Bobbie Sellers bliss at california.com
Mon Aug 4 21:18:34 PDT 2008

Blake Haggerty wrote:
> Have you tried ndiswrapper???
> I believe it makes a windows driver work on Linux. (in the simplest 
> of descriptions) I used it once on puppy for a troublesome wireless card 
> and it works great.

	Thanks for your attention and interest but using Jason
Turner's suggestion I was able to get the card working.  Not
really usefully yet but that will be a matter of time.

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> *Subject:* [sf-lug] Is the Farallon EtherMac PC Card GNU/Linux compatible?
> I have been trying to set this PNP595a up on my Dell Inspiron 4000
> dual-boot laptop for some time and have done numerous searches thru
> Google trying to determine whether or not it can be made to work.
> If someone supplies a determination either way it will be useful
> but if it is compatible then which chip set driver can I use with it?
> Thanks for your attention.
> This was originally posted to comp.os.linux.hardware
> but I decided to take advantage of the wide range of
> expertise in the linux mafia. ;^)

	And Jason won the information race and I thanked
him in another e-mail.  I don't want to embarrass him with
my effusions here.  I managed to use the Farallon card to
reach the Netgear Router and as soon as I decipher the
terminology of the Provider and the result of information
commands on the Dell Dimension 2400 I hope to configure
the router so that I can get the various machines into a
LAN and move some data from the ancient Amiga to the later
systems for backup while I use the dsl to get mail and other
stuff from the net.

	Thanks again Blake.

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