[sf-lug] Consistency

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 30 16:16:29 PDT 2008

Quoting Paul Ward (dssstrkl at gmail.com):

> >Actually, I think that's quite obviously false -- your "unity" is my
> >my "dumb inflexibility solely to cater to people unwilling to learn
> >anything new" -- but good luck with that.  (I remember the sheer
> >irritation value of dealing with visiting Apple "Human Interface
> >Guidelines" inspectors, when I worked at a cross-platform development
> >house, back in the day.
> And that's why Linux isn't a mainstream OS.

And with that remark, you ignore the point yet again -- and I'm not even
counting the fact that Linux did not even _exist_ at that time:  Apple's
HIG inspectors had insisted, among other things, that $FIRM could not ship
cross-platform screen fonts with the MacOS version of our database
product, fonts that had the same metrics did as their counterpart fonts
that we shipped with our MS-Windows, MacOS, HP-UX, and Solaris-based
kits, because that would technically violate various thumbsucking tiny
details of the Apple HIG spec of that day.

The one overwhelmingly important fact in that situation, that the primary
attraction of our entire product to the marketplace was to have 100%
identical operations anywhere using a multiplatform runtime, and that
they could not expect to drag three other major operating systems into
lockstep compliance with theirs, was completely lost on them.

> A PC is a communications tool, adding machine and entertainment toy.  

Aha:  Doesn't comprehend the phrase "general-purpose device" -- check.

> And your ass-tastic response [yada yada...]

OK, we're done.  You'll need to talk to procmail, going forward.

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