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2008/7/30 Alden Meneses <aldenm at gmail.com>

> Hey SF Luggers,
> Thanks for all the cool info. You guys are awesome and your help will make
> my transition more fun. I installed mplayer but haven't figured out how to
> play DVDs just yet. Totem gives me an error when I try to play DVD movies.

Some vendors believe that copyright law prevents them from providing you
with all of the proprietary codecs that you need to play media with non-Free
codecs, and so they don't package Linux with all of those codecs.  You can
actually purchase a type of GNU-Linux called Linspire that has all of those
codecs.  Or, you can get free support from this list to do the same.  Of
course, the SF-LUG also has meetings where you can bring your computer, and
you will probably be able to get it taken care of there.  What distro are
you using?  Sorry, I forgot.  You can probably open your package manager,
click the reload button to renew the list of available packages, and then
click search and type "video" into the search box and it will tell you all
of the names of the packages that might help you.  You probably will be able
to play commercial DVDs that way.

>   I am in the market for a new desktop PC and linuxmce looks intriguing.
> does anyone know if you can play blue-ray DVD work on linux yet?

If you are in the market for a new desktop PC, you should really consider
purchasing a machine from this local company:  Zareason.com.  They are very
active in our local LUG activities, and they are highly regarded and
trusted.  Your machine will be built locally, and you will eventually likely
meet the people who built your machine!  I have actually purchased 4
machines from them for a total of $8k dollars, and I have been very
satisfied.  If you get the machine from them, just be sure to let them know
what uses you want to make of it, and they will configure it and test it to
make sure it works.

>  I don't have a video cam yet but will check out kino and see if i can play
> around with the movie files from my digital cam.

What kind of digital cam are you talking about?  Linux works well with most
of them, but do be sure to google any purchases to make sure that you have a
Linux-friendly camera.  You don't want to happen to buy the one or two
cameras that won't work with Linux.  Again, if you tell the Zareason team
what camera you want to get, they will make sure it works with that camera.

Good luck Alden!

> Thanks again,
> Alden

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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