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This might be productive for those looking for work: 


"Techie Pink Slip" and Technical
Recruiter Networking Event 

Host: Daniel Parrillo and Keith
Location: Cafe Royale - Union Square
800 Post Street @ Leavenworth, San
Francisco, CA 94109 US 

When: Thursday, July 17, 5:30PM 
Phone: 415-695-1600 

Remember the "Pink Slip Parties"
from the good ole' dot.com days? 

Well - we're starting them up
again... and we hope you will
entertain joining us at - what we
hope to be the first of several -
networking events we'll be hosting
here in San Francisco. 

We currently have recruiters
interested in talking with software
engineering technologists and
intellects, successful technology
and webservices sales and marketing
professionals as well as technical
recruiter opportunities (in-house
corporate, contract and small
business opportunities.) 

We are expecting each and every
attendee to bring along ONE techie
with them - so do not plan on coming
alone. We also require a business
card or a resume to enter this

Daniel Parrillo - Strategi LLC &
Staffing Manager for 
Replay Solutions
Keith Halperin - Emeritus 

For additional information about
this event - please contact: 
Your partner in placement, 

Daniel Parrillo 
Strategi LLC 
dparrillo at strategi.biz 

Information on Public
Take BART / MUNI to the Powell
Street Station 
Walk up Powell to Union Square -
Post is on the other side of the
(for you shoppers - Sak's
Williams-Sonoma, the old Disney
Walk up Post to Leavenworth (4
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on LinkedIn
Forward this job
Reply to Daniel
P.S. If you cannot view the links, paste the appropriate link into your
browser: Job Listing: http://www.linkedin.com/e/vjb/572583/

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