[sf-lug] Desktop Relocation on Friday, July 18th @ 8am

John F. Strazzarino jstrazza at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 17:19:39 PDT 2008

Here is one of those computer relocation jobs. I believe that they pay about $20 per hour for one or two days work.  
Sorry for the off-topic posting.
From: Tamara Lawson <TLawson at proactiveok.com>
Subject: Are you available for Babcock & Brown Desktop Relocation on Friday, July 18th @ 8am
Date: Monday, July 14, 2008, 3:57 PM

Hello Team, 
I’d like to know if you are available for a desktop relocation project on Friday, July 18th at 8am. If you are available please e-mail me right away to verify your availability so that I can send you a confirmation letter. If you know any available techs please have them contact Karen Houston at 510-302-0120 x 234 or at KHouston at proactiveok.com. (SIDE NOTE: We still have available openings for Thursday’s project @ 3pm, if you are available please respond. If you have already responded then you will not need to again). Thanks 

Babcock and Brown Desktop Relocation
July 18th, 2008  @ 8am

ProActive will assist with the disconnect and reconnect of 300 desktops. The project will take place at 1 Letterman Dr, San Francisco (Presidio). 
The furniture is extremely expensive so please be very careful on this project. 
Scope of Responsibilities: 

De-rack/re-rack servers in the manner specified by Hewlett Packard.

De-install/re-install servers in the manner specified by Hewlett Packard.

§       PLEASE BE ON TIME. This is a new client who is very particular about performance and attendance. 

Tamara Lawson
ProActive Business Solutions, Inc.
409 13th Street, 9th Floor
Oakland, Ca 94612
Office (510) 302-0120 x 224
Fax (510) 302-0126
tlawson at proactiveok.com

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