[sf-lug] Salutations from a new member.

Justin Ryan justizin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 21:09:43 PDT 2008

2008/7/10 Dennis J Harrison Jr <dennisharrison at gmail.com>:
> Howdy all,
>     Justin Ryan sent me the url for list subscription.  I actually live near
> New Orleans, but since he and I communicate a lot on a professional level,
> and he lives in San Fransisco.  Here I am.  I visit CA often enough, anyhow
> :)

Yeh I keep telling Dennis he should move to SF but he sure enjoys his visits.

The two of us, BTW, are more than happy to support people in the Bay area.

We offer VNC support of GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac, server support, etc..

I was involved in, FWIW, the original CompTIA Linux+ and LPI steering
efforts, and co-authored a book with Jon "Maddog" Hall, author of
"Linux for Dummies".  I taught one of the people at IBM Austin
involved in porting AFS about how Linux and ext2 recognize inodes.

> My core competencies are:
> Networking, VoIP, and python.  With some stuff here and there in between.

FWIW, Dennis helped in the Katrina effort to develop a Satellite-based
VoIP solution which could roll out the back of a pickup truck.  He
has, AFAIK, the best ideas for how to do VoIP without ToS.

> Peace for now.

Dennis Rawks and I hope he move out to CA in coming few years, and
visit us often! :)



Justin Alan Ryan
Independent Interaction Architect
* : +1-415-226-1199 x2600

"I don't have an anger problem,
 I have an idiot problem."
 -Hank Hill

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