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On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 4:20 PM, ron <rondosxx at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  I'm trying to change the subject name because this appears to have nothing
> to do with the website. So if alt sites are being considered, I'd like to
> suggest the Mission district. It is centrally located to the entire city,
> more or less (thinking of Jim), and there are many potential meeting places.
>  I'd guess I'm reluctant to commit to going to the Tenderloin, though I
> acknowledge I have had difficulty attending many meetings during the school
> year. St. Anothony's seems like a different effort to me. I'd like to see
> Christian maybe develop a once a month program and recruit volunteers to
> staff a Linux workshop there. I see a lot of merit for the socializing and
> information sharing that occurs at JavaCat, whatever the merits of the space
> may be.

Actually, the purpose of holding one additional meeting per month at St.
Anthony's Foundation (SAF) would be to increase our presence in places where
we can reach new end users AND get the support of a well-oiled publicity
machine -- Karl Robillard and his staff at SAF.

If Ron and others would like to keep it simple and just keep it as a
socializing event, then we can do that.  IMHO, holding another meeting at
SAF would kill two (or more) birds with one stone:  1) it would allow us to
explore an alternate meeting place (javacat being too noisy, small tables);
and 2) get a _publicized_ presence in the tenderloin at one of the most
well-known, clean, tidy, well-run charities in the city, namely, SAF.

For those who have not been to SAF, they have guards outside on the street;
they clean and sweep the sidewalk; the SAF building is clean and tidy; the
SAF is very professional, very committed; SAF is well-run and well-funded;
SAF has a huge reach with other orgs in the city.  Partnering with SAF would
give us a tremendous reach into communities that could use our expertise.

And all we really have to do is just show up and talk about what we love to
talk about -- Linux.  It is so easy.
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