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Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Sun Jun 15 19:39:04 PDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 18:30 -0700, John Reilly wrote:
> This is really more an issue about content owners trying to control when 
> and how you watch their content, in this case NBC.  If people really 
> care about watching NBC content at a time that is convenient to them, 
> they should complain to NBC - they are really the ones whose "mind" you 
> need to change regarding drm use.

Yes and no. How are NBC implementing this? In this case, Microsoft are
implementing it for them, despite it not being legal (I don't mean to
say what they're implementing is illegal - I don't pretend to know
enough about the legal issues to know). So the question is, why are they
doing that? If NBC were a big a powerful company and Microsoft were a
small and un-influential company you could argue it was all NBC's doing.
But that's not exactly the situation here. There's no reason why
Microsoft should be "bullied" into doing this by NBC... So again, why
are they doing it?

I agree that NBC should be complained to to figure out why they're doing
this, but unless Microsoft is as well, what's to stop them from doing
similar agreements with other companies?

Just my 2c.


> just my 2c
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> > Boycott Windows Media Center
> >
> > Take action:
> >
> >   * Digg the BadVista.org blog post:
> >     <http://digg.com/microsoft/Don_t_give_Microsoft_the_remote_control_fight_against_DRM>.
> >
> > Microsoft is using DRM to prevent users from saving certain television
> > shows to their hard drive. Saving such streams is a normal feature
> > that comes with Windows Media Center, but they have locked you out of
> > it for NBC television shows and others. They claim that they are just
> > following FCC regulations -- but the Second Circuit Court of
> > Appeals ruled that the FCC has no authority to make such
> > regulations. The truth is Microsoft is just power hungry and making
> > use of DRM wherever and whenever they can in order to secure media 
> > deals for themselves and lock in their customers.
> >
> > BadVista.org is covering the story on their blog, asking users to
> > abandon Microsoft products. To help, we are putting out this call for
> > a boycott of Windows Media Center. When broadcast flags spell out DRM,
> > then we've got to put our foot down.
> >   
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