[sf-lug] Ubuntu Guest: Wubi vs. VM

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Jun 5 12:31:09 PDT 2008

Jim Cortez wrote:
> Due to several requirements at the place that I work (proprietary vpn, 
> proprietary hard drive encryption, etc.) I must keep Windows installed on the 
> entire drive. Currently I am getting around this restriction by running a 
> virtualbox VM. Would there be any significant advantages/disadvantages to 
> using wubi instead? I have never used Wubi before, is it usable? Laptop specs 
> below.
> Thanks,
> Jim Cortez
> HP Laptop
> 80GB encrypted HD
> Dual Core Intel processor

I think wubi won't work for you.

One thing I'm not sure you realize is that wubi is just an installer. 
That means Ubuntu runs as a stand-alone OS, and not inside a VM.  In 
other words, even though Wubi installs Ubuntu onto your Windows 
partition, you're not actually booted into Windows when you're running 
Ubuntu, as you would be if you were running Ubuntu in a VM.  And so 
since your hard drive is encrypted, wubi probably would probably fail to 
boot, since it would be unable to read its own file system files.

Sounds like you'll probably have to install Ubuntu as a VM.  FYI - 
VirtualBox works nicely for this.



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