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Sorry, I am late to this thread.  I was working for quite some time on
getting a family in Visitacion Valley onto Comcast.  Long story that I'll
post about here soon.  In the meantime, comments in line...

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:55 AM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:

>   there are now over 200 email names on the
> sf-lug mailing list.


>   i have to pay money to keep the dns names of
> sf-lug.{com,org,new} up.

Thanks so much for that!

> there's been a little
> off-line discussion: maybe some of you could
> chip in, too, but not by giving money to me.
>   i'm willing to pay the money to advance the
> linux FOSS cause and hope that you'll be willing
> to do something too:
> * help christian build boxes

Thanks for this plug, Jim!  It's true that there are several organizations
lined up waiting for machines.  One low-income benefits program with a place
south of Market (the Hamilton Family Center's Dudley Apartments:


And the Walden House youth drug rehab program.  Hamilton needs 4 boxes;
Walden needs 20 boxes.

> * help Alameda County Computer Resource Center

James Burgett of ACCRC has provided most all of the remaining boxes that we
are giving out through the school, so yeah, support James!

> * help st. anthony's (this saturday and about
> once per quarter) support the low-income set

This is taking place this Saturday, June 7, beginning at 9 a.m., at 121
Golden Gate Avenue.  St. Anthony's has security people in purple jackets on
the sidewalk, so it is impossible to miss.  The cross street is Jones.  We
will be setting up on Friday, June 6, and we will be bringing boxes and
monitors from the school.  We are always happy for help.  We will be
exhibiting Ubuntu boxes for orgs and individuals in need of Free Software.
This is an opportunity for you to install the distro of your choice on
people who will be bringing in old boxes for help.  Here is video from the
first St. Anthony's event:


> * do some other thing, anything, to advance the
> linux FOSS cause

Thanks for your energy, Jim!!  And thanks again for paying for the email
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