[sf-lug] WAY OT: Car Stereo Analog Electronics

Matt Price matt.price at utoronto.ca
Tue May 27 17:17:04 PDT 2008

hi guys,

well, this is the DIY group i know best...  I'm getting ready for a big
road trip (all the way back to toronto) and I'm trying to hook my ipod
up to my car stereo.  unfortunately i have a stock honda civic stereo
head unit, which doesn't have an aux in anywhere.  instead htere's a
proprietary DIN-style connector that goes from the head unit (which has
a radio ) and the external cassette player (mounted separately in a
different spot on the dash).  

there's a pin diagram for this connector here (well, at least i think
it's the right diagram):
this instructables suggests it's the same as the honda stereos:

my plan is to take out the  cassette player (not hard, i've done it
before), and somehow splice an audio out cable into the din connector.
as far as i understand it, all i need to do is connect the signal
ground, left and right wires to the appropriate pins, and the thing
SHOULD get sound from the ipod (or any aux connector).  i see two ways
to do this:

1) just take an old headphone wire, open it up, and run the individual
wires into the appropriate din pin openings.  but this is too simple.

2) find an 8-pin din connector, solder the wires from the headphone jack
into it, but also maybe somehow use the other wires to do other things.
for instance, i'd love to get usb power off of the battery; i'd love to
be able to somehow control the ipod using the accessory; etc.  i dont
know how ocmplicated all of these are.  also all my soldering tools and
stuff are back home in toronto.  and finally, i don't know where to buy
stuff like this here in sf.  

sooo...  i'm hoping there's someone out there who knows all this stuff!
or who knows where to point me for more info.  i'd lvoe for this to
work, it's gonna be a looooong car ride...  thanks!


Matt Price
matt.price at utoronto.ca

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