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Boycott Windows Media Center

Take action:

  * Digg the BadVista.org blog post:

Microsoft is using DRM to prevent users from saving certain television
shows to their hard drive. Saving such streams is a normal feature
that comes with Windows Media Center, but they have locked you out of
it for NBC television shows and others. They claim that they are just
following FCC regulations -- but the Second Circuit Court of
Appeals ruled that the FCC has no authority to make such
regulations. The truth is Microsoft is just power hungry and making
use of DRM wherever and whenever they can in order to secure media 
deals for themselves and lock in their customers.

BadVista.org is covering the story on their blog, asking users to
abandon Microsoft products. To help, we are putting out this call for
a boycott of Windows Media Center. When broadcast flags spell out DRM,
then we've got to put our foot down.

In Solidarity, 

Josh, John, Matt, Peter, and the DRM Elimination Crew

PS, If you've already dugg the story, please consider also giving it a
boost on fsdaily:

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