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> hi folks,
> my 9-year-old has an idea for an invention..
> maybe she's not the first one to have invented it exactly, but i'd like
> to encourage her.  she wants a reverse alarm clock, that does the
> following:
> -turn out her light at bed time
> - play from a selection of boring speeches after lights out, to lull her
> to sleep
> - wake her in the morning with a less boring speech.
> now, it strikes me that most of this could be done pretty easily with a
> simple python script on her xo-1.  but to turn the light out she needs
> to open a circuit external to the computer.  now i imagine even this is
> pretty easy to do; that there exist generic usb connected electronics
> kits, that let you perform arbitrary simple actions (like flipping a
> switch) with signals from the computer.  but if this is so i have no
> idea how to do it.  anyone know anything about this sort of thing?
> as usual i appreciate al the help...
> matt
> --
> Matt Price
> matt.price at utoronto.ca


Smarthome.com has just what you need in an Insteon controller for the lights
and an Insteon PC-USB interface box.  Possibly not the cheapest, but
definitely off the shelf.  I haven't researched whether the USB interface
includes Linux drivers, but their tech support [800-762-7846] is relatively
knowledgable & exceptionally helpful and could be a source to answer your
further questions.

Sam Geffner
sgeffner at gmail.com
415-793-3562 cel

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