[sf-lug] OT?: rehabilitating dell axim x5

Matt Price matt.price at utoronto.ca
Mon May 12 20:03:59 PDT 2008

hi folks,

i've just come into possession of a dell axim handheld, i think an x5:
i would like to ive it to my kids to play with -- they like drawing on
my palmpilot, but as i actually use that device i'm loathe to give it
over to them.  unfortunately the dell is a windows device, so none of
the palm programs i have will work with it.  

 thought about putting linux on it, but apparently the attempts to port
linux to it have been abandoned
(http://handhelds.org/projects/axim.html ).  i would still ocnsider this
if someone has some experience with similar devices?  mostly i want to
be able to get some kind of drawing or painting program runningo n the
device for my kids.  so if anyone has any ideas, whether they involve
linux or not, i'd love to hear about it...  



Matt Price
matt.price at utoronto.ca

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