[sf-lug] Canonical Commercial Repo - VMware?

Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 00:12:07 PDT 2008

Does anyone that works intimately with the Ubuntu project know if VMware
Server 1.x or 2.x beta will be added to the canonical commercial repo for
8.04?  I think it was in the repo for 7.04 but not 7.10 for some reason.  I
have been using virtualbox but it does not like my freebsd vm nor will it
even load an opensolaris vm.  I do know that someone mentioned (at LUGRADIO)
that opensolaris was not yet supported with virtualbox, so I would rather
build the vm in vmware.  I don't want to have to rebuild the kernel modules
every time the kernel is upgraded though.  Perhaps Tom has some inside info
on this?

Ernest de Leon

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