[sf-lug] Ubuntu vs. Mandriva

Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 14:54:38 PDT 2008

The most important thing (IMHO) is that you like the distribution that you
work on.  In the end, the distribution is nothing more than a platform that
you work (play, game, etc) on.  Most people even change distros over time
because something better comes along.  I was a long time red hat then fedora
user before 2004.  Once Ubuntu came along, I jumped ship and have been happy
ever since.  I say that if you like Mandriva, by all means stick with it.
You will some day be able to help someone new who wants to use Mandriva.
The variety of choices are great.  What we DO NOT want is another IE kills
Netscape situation where one distribution dominates and kills off others.

Good luck!


On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting bobbie sellers (bliss at california.com):
> > Oh Rick you are breaking my heart!
> Fortunately, this is California.  Nothing but therapy, everywhere you
> look.
> (Caveat emptor.)
> > You might at least explicate your pronouncements.
> I believe you meant to say "Oops, I just checked, and figured out where
> I was giving people bad information.  Thanks for alerting me to the need
> to double-check."
> > I am pretty sure that Mandriva at one point was a recompilation of
> > RHEL sources.
> Certainty probably has its benefits, possibly even when you're dead
> wrong.  ;->
> Way back, many years ago, Linux-Mandrake got started as a variant form
> of Red Hat Linux (around 7.x, I think, estimated) with the additional of
> KDE and better internationalisation, as it was tailored for the European
> market.  Linux-Mandrake (later renamed Mandrake Linux, then much later
> to Mandriva) then rapidly diverged from Red Hat Linux, sharing after
> that point not a lot more than the rpm package manager.
> Some years after _that_, Red Hat, Inc. discontinued Red Hat Linux
> entirely, and replaced it with newly launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> with a related experimental development branch called Fedora.
> So, to sum up:  RHEL didn't exist for many years after Mandriva's
> _ancestor_ got its start as an offshoot of RHEL's _ancestor_.
> > But it is too late for me as I already like Mandriva.
> And who are we to say your kink is not OK?  ;->
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