[sf-lug] Ubuntu vs. Mandriva

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Apr 26 14:41:53 PDT 2008

Quoting bobbie sellers (bliss at california.com):

> Oh Rick you are breaking my heart!

Fortunately, this is California.  Nothing but therapy, everywhere you look.
(Caveat emptor.)

> You might at least explicate your pronouncements.

I believe you meant to say "Oops, I just checked, and figured out where
I was giving people bad information.  Thanks for alerting me to the need
to double-check."

> I am pretty sure that Mandriva at one point was a recompilation of
> RHEL sources.

Certainty probably has its benefits, possibly even when you're dead
wrong.  ;->

Way back, many years ago, Linux-Mandrake got started as a variant form
of Red Hat Linux (around 7.x, I think, estimated) with the additional of
KDE and better internationalisation, as it was tailored for the European
market.  Linux-Mandrake (later renamed Mandrake Linux, then much later
to Mandriva) then rapidly diverged from Red Hat Linux, sharing after
that point not a lot more than the rpm package manager.

Some years after _that_, Red Hat, Inc. discontinued Red Hat Linux
entirely, and replaced it with newly launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux
with a related experimental development branch called Fedora.

So, to sum up:  RHEL didn't exist for many years after Mandriva's 
_ancestor_ got its start as an offshoot of RHEL's _ancestor_.

> But it is too late for me as I already like Mandriva.

And who are we to say your kink is not OK?  ;->

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