[sf-lug] help with the Microsoft Windows virtualization

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Rick Moen had some good suggestions about using Adobe software under Linux
that I thought should be posted to the list, particularly since Rick
requested the same.  Thanks, Rick, for your suggestions!

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Speaking of that, one of you should post to the sf-lug at linuxmafia.com
thread with the correct product name and version.  Why?  Because that
information make it possible for others to suggest suitable solutions --
maybe one with better Linux integration and less extreme resource
requirements than the likes of VMware and VirtualBox.

If you've not used virtualisation software, you might not grasp the
point about Linux integration:  You end up with a window that takes up a
big amount of screen real estate, doesn't resize to fit its running OS
and applications' size, has its own mouse cursor, and so on.  You also
have to supply and install an entire OS into the VM.  By comparison,
native-Linux Win32 compatibility layers are much, much lighter-weight and
cause compatible Win32 applications to mostly just behave like truly native
Linux apps.

o  Codeweavers's CrossOver Linux.

The current guaranteed-compatibility list of Adobe apps for CrossOver Linux
includes data on:
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0
Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0
Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Unfortunately, it says for each of those that they are "untested", i.e.,
untested by Codeweavers' staff.  In the case of Premiere Elements 3.0,
there's a note from an outsider/customer, Travis Tucker, that he tested
v. 3.0.1 in January 2008 and found that it didn't work on CrossOver

CrossOver Linux (a proprietary superset of WINE) costs about US $40/copy.
A fully functional 30-day trial copy can be downloaded free of charge.
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