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Any ideas?

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Dear all,

I am using nvidia-settings with much success to manage two displays
with TwinView.    nvidia-settings has a nice gui to set the two
displays next to each other, above and below, cloned, etc.

One oddity is that when I plug  the cable from the external monitor
into my laptop and "Detect Displays"  the highest resolution that the
external monitor offers is 640x480.  If I need the two monitors at the
same resolution, then I have to heavily downgrade the resolution on my
laptop.  Here's the oddity:  if I boot up with the external monitor
plugged in, then it, not my laptop monitor, is active, and it achieves
a resolution of 1024x768 (or sometimes higher). I can then enable my
laptop monitor.

So why won't the external monitor offer better than 640x480 when I
connect it second?  Is there a way to force a higher resolution?


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