[sf-lug] Which CMS ? Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, PHPNuke or PostNuke?

Clyde Jones slash5toaster at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 21:10:51 PDT 2008

 I am trying to decide which CMS to use.  I host a site for my
cousin's woodworking business and my sister, so I would like something
that can do multiple sites. I also want something that is not time
consuming to administer.  I currently use Gallery, so integration with
that would be quite nice.

Anyone have any experience with the aforementioned cms packages?  My
end users are not tech savvy so something fairly straight forward in
adding content would be great.

I know the request is kind of general, but I don't have any specific
requirements nailed down (death to a project) and I am trying to
gather some preliminary information.

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