[sf-lug] external usb hard drive

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 15 18:42:10 PDT 2008

--- Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

.... I'd need to know what aspects of comparison you care about
> and are asking about.

My goals are much like yours (although without the knowledge base to 
pull it off as elegantly!) in that I am sticking with my Debian 
machine which began as a minimal install so that I have some
understanding of each new thing that I add. In essence, it is my 
"learning machine." At the same time, there are things that I've been
unable to achieve with it (this whole business with the external HD 
being a case in point) and it's been nice having an Ubuntu machine 
up and running so I can do stuff before learning enough to install
the functionality myself.

This actually serve as a segue into my response to your comment..
> Well, it really depends on the problem you're trying to solve, of
> course.  (It's really important, when asking for help, to be clear on
> what problem you're trying to address.  Otherwise, it ends up being a
> waste of everyone's time.)

In my own defense: it's sometimes difficult to clearly state the 
problem one most wants to solve without the requisite background info.
For example, in this case, had I known it would not be a simple matter
of finding the right module to get ntfs working, I would have been 
happy to choose the option of changing file systems instead of
persisting in keeping the HD compatable with MicroSoft.

..so again I am indebted to you, this time particularly for letting 
me know about the incompatibility  of ntfs-3g with the Debian 
stable kernel.

It may some times seem like a waste of time to you, but believe me, 
your postings are not a waste from my perspective. 


oh, and by the way, I only did the aptitude update, not the rest of
the stuff so life is good! My system is not contaminated. :-)


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