[sf-lug] how to get computers?

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Mar 4 15:28:58 PST 2008

    i kicked off this thread because i'd not understood
that the build-a-thon was expressly intended to build
computers for FOSS to give to schools.
    i'm not sorry for the confusion as it raised some
good thoughts.
    upon further thinking, it seems to me we cannot
expect people whom we help to give back: the law
of numbers dictates that most people will just do
their thing their way, few will return to the fold.
    to develop someone who knows and cares, one
must put in some time with that person, keep in
touch, be a mentor, and groom that person to take
up the flag to help others. it's a slow process, but
exponential in growth, like compound interest: i
help one get up to speed, then i help another while
the one starts helping another too, and so on.

    seems to me the answer is clear: how to get
computers? apply to ACCRC. thank you, pavel,
for the links:
"To apply for one or more computers, please print one of our three
placement applications: school, non-profit, or individual, and then
fax, mail, or bring us the completed form."

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