[sf-lug] how to get computers? & 2008-03-01 installfest

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 4 07:30:59 PST 2008

Re: how to get computers? & 2008-03-01 installfest

Well, lots of questions, and some scattered answers (and opinions and
speculation) on the event and such.

At least as far as my understanding of it goes, and what I seem to have
seen ...
It was primarily an ACCRC event - with lots of
help/support/volunteers/donations etc., from others also.

It was publicized ahead of time what the computers for this event were
for, and where they were going:
"Installfest for Schools (March 1st)"
Which schools are receiving the donated computers
Some of the schools that will be receiving computers from the
installfest include:
    * Ascend School (Oakland)
    * Bella Vista Elementary (Oakland)
    * Lockwood School (Oakland)
    * Whittier Elementary School (Oakland)
    * Casa Granda High School (Petaluma)
    * Woodside Elementary School (Concord)
    * KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy (San Francisco)
    * Mission High School (San Francisco)
If you know of a school that would like to participate, just fill out
the ACCRC's school application form and fax it back to them at (510)

ACCRC has a very impressive operation in terms of the tonnage (>~=100
tons per month of electronics "waste") that they take in, and the many
thousands of computers they refurbish/build and give away.

They also have a well established process on
schools/non-profits/individuals applying to receive such computers
"To apply for one or more computers, please print one of our three
placement applications: school, non-profit, or individual, and then
fax, mail, or bring us the completed form."

I figure "if it ain't broke*, don't fix it." :-)
*the give-away process, that is

If I recall correctly, ACCRC's give-away process generally also
includes an hour (or maybe it's a half-day or a day? - I forget) of
training/orientation, and also a 1 year replacement warranty on the


e.g. & et. seq.:
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>     how can low-income and non-profit institutions get
> any of the computers that were built this last weekend
> (saturday, march 1)?
>     there are a couple or three people who've asked on
> this list, and i know of three more who've asked.

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