[sf-lug] Linux podcasts

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Tue Feb 26 10:25:40 PST 2008

chris procter wrote:
> To be honest because we dont charge for exhibition
> space (even for big name companies) we more then happy
> for each group to have their own booth, we'd love to
> see the kind of groups who cant get space at other
> shows have a chance to exhibit on equal terms with Sun
> and Google. Obviously that may cause problems with you
> guys because you need more people to man several
> stands so if you want to share go for it but dont feel
> forced :)
> SFCCP is a new one on me but its looks like a cool
> project and certainly one I'd like to talk to so I'll
> certainly get in contact.
> chris
Hi Chris,

Do you have anyone hosting a booth with OLPC XO laptops? If not, we
could round up interested parties for that as well.


Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Information Systems
San Francisco State University
San Francisco CA 94132 USA

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