[sf-lug] "Innovation Goes Public" by Bruce Perens - March 6th

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Fri Feb 22 21:31:58 PST 2008

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> [Updated with Location, lunch information, additional co-sponsor,
>  flyer download location (bottom)]
>  Hi All,
>  The Stanford Open Source Lab is pleased to present "Innovation Goes
>  Public", a talk by Bruce Perens, a leader in the Free Software and
>  Open Source community and the creator of the Open Source Definition.
>  Please save the date for this lunchtime talk on March 6th (lunch will
>  be provided). Please forward this to anyone you think might be
>  interested.
>  Innovation Goes Public
>  a talk by Bruce Perens
>  Thursday March 6th from 12-1:30 (lunch will be provided)
>  Psychology Building, Jordan Hall, Room 420-041
>  Abstract:
>  Open Source provides much of the software infrastructure for many of
>  the world's largest companies and organizations: Merrill Lynch,
>  Google, Pixar, Amazon, the City of New York, and probably you -
>  although you might not know it. Innovative products like Linux,
>  Firefox, and Apache are the market-leaders in their sectors, but there
>  are tens of thousands of Open Source programs, used for just about
>  everything. But the economics of Open Source are non-intuitive: how
>  can you make money by giving software away? Why did IBM de-emphasize
>  AIX, after spending Billions, in favor of Linux, the product of a
>  loose collaboration of programmers that it can never control? How can
>  the world's greatest city trust Open Source to help manage its jails?
>  Perens will show how Open Source is often the most effective strategy
>  for creating and utilizing new innovation. He will explain the
>  economics of Open Source and how it works for profit-generating
>  companies. His talk will be clear to beginners yet informative even
>  for Open Source pros.
>  --
>  Biography:
>  Bruce Perens is a leader in the Free Software and Open Source
>  community. He advises large corporations and several national
>  governments on Open Source policy. He is creator of the Open Source
>  Definition, the manifesto of the Open Source movement in Software.
>  Perens is a vice president at Sourcelabs, a venture-funded company
>  that provides Open Source services to Wall Street. He is a visiting
>  researcher at Agder University in Norway, funded by a national grant.
>  He was HP's first Senior Global Strategist for Linux and Open Source,
>  and was Senior Research Scientist for Open Source with George
>  Washington University's Cyber Security Policy Research Institute. The
>  Bruce Perens' Open Source Series from Prentice Hall published 24
>  titles with Perens as series editor. Perens previously spent 20 years
>  in the computer graphic animation industry, 12 of them at Pixar
>  Animation Studios. He has a credit on the films A Bug's Life and Toy
>  Story II.
>  --
>  This talk is co-sponsored by the Academic Technology Specialist
>  program, the Center for Internet & Society, IT Services and Symbolic
>  Systems.
>  A flyer for this talk can be downloaded from here:
> https://www.stanford.edu/group/opensource/cgi-bin/wiki/index.php? 
> title=Image:Perens.pdf
>  Please let us know (opensource at lists.stanford.edu) if you are able to
>  post this flyer around campus and where so we don't duplicate efforts.

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