[sf-lug] March 1 St. Anthony's Foundation outreach

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:19:17 PST 2008


I would like to encourage people to consider signing up for the two March 1

As you know, some members of our SF-LUG are going to be present at the two
events that are scheduled for March 1.  First, there is the awesome massive
installfest that is being spearheaded by James Burgett and Andrew Fife of
Untangle.com, and thanks to James and Andrew for that.  That sign up list is


Also on that day will be the St. Anthony's Foundation (SAF) outreach to
non-profits and individuals in the tenderloin.

That sign up list for the SAF event is here:


And the tinyurl for that event is here:


Both of these events have common goals:  getting FOSS into the hands of
those who need it.  I spoke with James and Andrew last Saturday, and James
has a list of potential recepients for the boxes that are built on March 1;
but in the event that there is overflow from that massive installfest, it
would be good to have some downstream recipients as back up.  The SAF event
will help us establish regular, ongoing contacts in the end user community
so that we can expand our reach beyond the usual circle of tech gurus who
have long made up the backbone of the FOSS community.

Below is a cut-and-paste from one of the organizers for the SAF event, Kari
Gray.  Please note that she talks about other outreach opportunities.  It
appears that we are poised to be able to establish something of a more
visible and permanent presence in the broader Bay Area community!  This is
really what we have always been waiting for -- invitations from Windows
users to tell them about why we like FOSS.  The St. Anthony's Foundation
event is going to be very easy and low key -- essentially it will be just
helping to install FOSS on machines that people bring in, or talking to them
about why you like FOSS.  Here is Kari Gray's note.

Thanks either way for reading this email and considering my request!


Just reminding you and your colleagues to sign up for the March 1
event so I know how many people to expect.


You may also be interested in helping out at a High School advice
session (for parents, not kids) on the first Wednesday of each month.
Details at www.sfconnect.org.

And I have just scheduled a Tech Connect in Chinatown on March 29, if
you have any Cantonese-speaking volunteers.

see you in an hour,

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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