[sf-lug] sf-lug policies -- please vote

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Feb 16 10:15:15 PST 2008

    every once in a rare while the topic of sf-lug policies
comes up, and here it is again. this time it's the policy
for job postings.

    the current policy is to allow job postings if the
postings include job title, city location, and some
indication of salary (at least a lowest figure) along with
a brief and to-the-point description of the job and skills
required and company benefits and contact info (with
a proscription against hyperbole).
    the basis for this is to present appropriate job
opportunities that we might otherwise miss but to
avoid subjecting the list to "bottom feeders" and
cheapskate employers.

    someone at google wants to place job postings, but
her manager won't allow any salary info. the default is
to disallow this posting. the reason for raising review
of this policy is that google is an established, local
workplace, and can reasonably be considered not a
bottom-feeder or cheapskate employer.

    please vote:

+1 means change policy to allow known job postings of
known good employers regardless of salary information.

-1 means do not change the policy.

after summing votes, a positive number will effect a
change in policy. a zero or negative number will have
the effect that policy remains as is (and the google
submissions and those similar will not be posted to our
email list).

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