[sf-lug] Running "standard" X-windows in addition to Gnome / KDE?

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Fri Feb 15 13:15:05 PST 2008


I'm having problems getting "standards-based" X-windows (I'm not even  
sure of the properly terminology) to run on my Ubuntu system as a  
third GUI choice.

[Charles N Wyble] 
Can you go into a bit more detail about what "standards-based" X-windows
means? If you are
running GDM (the graphical login chooser) and can run GNOME/KDE you have X
properly installed 
and configured.

My Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty)system currently allows me to use the GUI login  
panel to start either Gnome (preferred) or KDE (primarily for fun)  

[Charles N Wyble] 

I am curious how you installed KDE. Did you install the meta package? 

  My standard method of running these two GUI desktop  
managers is to boot into Gnome, then create a virtual terminal and use  
the GUI to login into a KDE session in a virtual terminal.

[Charles N Wyble] 

Not sure what you mean by this. You fire up a terminal session and type
Or do you switch with Alt+Fx and then run a second X server with KDE? 

Now I'd like to add a standard X-Windows login choice but haven't been  
able to identify what and how to install and configure the plumbing  
necessary to do that. 

[Charles N Wyble] 

Do you mean something like Xfce or Icewm? A plain X session won't do you any

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