[sf-lug] Disc Images

Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Tue Feb 5 19:06:05 PST 2008

Hi Folks,

As a side project, I'm repurposing an old laptop (well, old relatively -
it's about 3 years old) as a MythTV box running Mythbuntu -
www.mythbuntu.org. I'm loving it so far, and everything's working

Within the last week or so I've started to configure the "Game" plugin
which has given me the ability to run a bunch of different
emulators/games (including Native Linux games, Super Nintendo
Entertainmant System, MAME/Arcade Console and ZX Spectrum - ah, the
nostalgia). I'm now in the process of setting it up as a Playstation
emulator (the PS1, not any of the newer versions). It's working fine for
me, with the only caveat being that for a particular game I'm testing
with, I get game sounds but no soundtrack (there's a music soundtrack)
if I rip the CD using the Linux shell script outlined here:


If I rip it on Windows using Alcohol 52% on the same thread, or use the
CD in the CD-ROM drive, it works fine.

Does anyone know anything about these CD image formats
(.ccd/.img, .bin/.cue) and if it's possible to rip to the former in
Linux? The script on this thread shows how to rip to .bin/.cue using
cdrdao and cuetools, but I'm not aware of how to rip to the .ccd/.img

Thanks, Tom

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