[sf-lug] Polk Street Small Business Group and Polk Street Fair

Doug Bierer doug at unlikelysource.com
Mon Feb 4 10:19:54 PST 2008

Jim et al --

I found out this morning that there are actually TWO events vis a vis
the Polk Street community.  First of all: the Polk Street Fair is not
scheduled until September ... so we've got plenty of breathing room
(WHEW!!!).  Danny Parrillo (mentioned below) has kindly offered us (and
the BA-LUG if they want) a free booth.  I'll coordinate with Danny and
report the more precise details as they become available.

The second item is what you can see below: it's a meeting on Feb. 12 of
the Polk Street Small Business Group, which might be of interest to some
of you.  I plan to attend with an eye towards promoting Linux and Open
Source solutions as a means to solve the problems seen by small
business.  If anybody else wants to attend just follow the link below.

     You are invited to Polk Small Business Group: Meeting with the
   SBA.gov by Daniel Parrillo & Gary Marshall with the Small Business
                          Polk Small Business
                        Group: Meeting with the
                          Come meet the Small
                        Business Administration
                         and Gary Marshall - at
                         this FREE educational
                         seminar I'm hosting at
                        Space Gallery on Feb 12.
                        Hope you will entertain
                           attending. Danny! 
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